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Lauki (Bottle Gourd) Soup Recipe

Try this simple, delicious and creamy lauki soup recipe with just a few basic ingredients. Recipe video included.


Coconut Patties: Navratri Festival Recipe

These popular coconut patties, from the Indian city of Indore, are traditionally prepared for the Navratri festival. Recipe video included.


Sorekai Chutney (Bottle Gourd Chutney) Recipe

Sorekai chutney (bottle gourd chutney) is a healthy and tasty side dish that pairs nicely with cooked rice, dosa, idli, etc. Make this easy, simple, and quick to make chutney and enjoy the health benefits.


Sama Rice (Barnyard Millet) Khichdi: Navratri Festival Recipe

Try this delicious sama rice (barnyard millet) khichdi for Navratri, Ekadashi or other fasting festival. Recipe video included.


Lauki Ka Halwa (Bottle Gourd Pudding): Navratri Festival Recipe

Make this delicious bottle gourd pudding (lauki ka halwa) for the Navratri Festival, or whenever you long for a quick dessert. Recipe video included.


Aloo Vada (Potato Fritters): Navratri Festival Recipe

Aloo vada is a popular upwa, or fasting food, prepared during the Navratri festival. Recipe video included.


Chicken Tikka Kebab: Basic Recipe Plus 7 Colourful Variations

This article presents a rainbow of beautiful chicken tikka kebabs with natural colours. Take your pick: red, yellow, green, white, pink, brown or black.


Bale Hoovu Palya (Banana Blossom Stir-Fry) Recipe

Bale hoovu palya (banana blossom stir-fry) is a traditional recipe that is unique, healthy, and tasty. This easy and quick side dish pairs well with cooked rice.


Tapas: Appetizer Recipes From All 17 Regions of Spain

Tapas are a Spanish invention, a truly unique appetizer. Learn their history and 17 fun recipes you can make to turn your home into a tapas bar.


Golden Turmeric Milk: Indian Ayurvedic Recipe

Golden milk, or haldi doodh, is a healthy and delicious traditional AyurvedIc hot beverage. Recipe video included.


Green Moong Kebabs: A Perfect Monsoon Snack

Green moong kebabs are crispy, flavourful patties prepared with green moong (whole green gram) and chana dal (split chickpea lentils). Serve with tomato ketchup or coconut chutney.


Malaysian Kek Batik Chocolate Dessert With a Twist

This scrumptious dessert is a twist on the classic kek batik triple chocolate cake. It's perfect with coffee or tea!


Bihari Sattu Paratha Recipe: Brown Chickpea Flour Flatbread

Learn how to prepare sattu paratha, an Indian fried flatbread made with bengal gram or brown chickpea flour. Recipe video included.


Instant Methi Leaf Dosa (Fenugreek Leaf Pancake) Recipe

Instant methi leaf dosa (fenugreek leaf pancake) is made mainly with wheat flour, rice flour, semolina, and fresh fenugreek leaves. Serve it with coconut chutney for breakfast or dinner. This pancake is quick to make and is super healthy as well.


Ajwain Paratha: Traditional Punjabi Breakfast Recipe

Prepare ajwain (carom seed) paratha, a basic Punjabi paratha for breakfast. Recipe video included.


Chicken Malai Handi: Delicious Indian Recipe

Chicken malai handi is an Indian-style chicken dish prepared with spices, curd, cream, onion, and almond cashew nut paste. It is seasoned with dried fenugreek leaves and dry spices powder. It is served with Tandoori roti or butter naan.


Meaty Lumpianada With Egg: A Filipino-Inspired Snack

Enjoy two famous Filipino snacks in one meal with our delicious recipe of meaty lumpianada with egg.


Millet Chilla: Instant Gluten-Free Pancake

This delicious pancake is prepared with millet flour, vegetables, and spices.


Karele ki Sabji (Bitter Gourd Curry)

Bitter gourd curry is very healthy and tasty... and will never turn out bitter if you follow my tips. Recipe video included.


Rice Kheer (Indian Rice Pudding) Recipe

Rice kheer is a delicious Indian dessert that is quite easy to make. Recipe video included


Stuffed Mixed Vegetable Paratha Recipe

Try these healthy and filling mixed vegetable parathas and give your feedback. Recipe video included.


Dhaba-Style Paneer Bhurji Gravy (Curry) Recipe

Paneer bhurji gravy is a delicious, vegetarian curry made with crumbled paneer, spices, onions, capsicum, and tomatoes. Serve it with chapati, poori, fried rice, ghee rice, etc., for lunch or dinner.


Sulaimani Chai (Tea) Recipe

Sulaimani spiced tea, also called Arabic tea, comes from the Malabar region of South India. It aids digestion after a hearty meal like biryani. Recipe video included.


Soft Ragi Chapati (Finger Millet Flatbread) Recipe

Easy method to prepare vegan, gluten-free, soft ragi chapati (finger millet flatbread). Recipe video included.


Homemade Ragi Atta (Finger Millet Flour) Recipe

Step-by-step guide to making ragi atta (finger millet flour) at home from ragi (finger millet). Recipe video included.


Easy Palak Paratha (Spinach Flatbread) Recipe

Spinach parathas are tasty and nutritious pancakes made with spinach, flour, and spices. You can make them quickly and easily because you need not cook the stuffing before filling.


How to Make Lauki Paratha (Bottle Gourd Paratha)

Crisp, healthy lauki (bottle gourd) paratha served with homemade mango pickle and dahi (yoghurt) Recipe video included.


Peculiar Foods and Unusual Food Names

Some dishes are absolutely revolting to the eye, while others seem very strange to the ear with names that seem far from enticing.


Two-Ingredient Spam Lumpia

Try this easy-to-prepare two-ingredient spam lumpia recipe. Enjoy with your favorite dip and drink.


How to Cook Delicious Malaysian Prawn Rendang

Rendang udang, or prawn rendang, is a popular savory dish in Malaysia. The intense flavors from the spices make this dish extra special.


Paneer and Wheat Flour Stuffed Dumplings Recipe

This scrumptious and healthy breakfast or brunch dish is made by steam-cooking and shallow-frying.


How to Make Tai Tow Choi (Preserved Kohlrabi) + 2 Bonus Recipes

Tai tow choi, or preserved kohlrabi, is delicately sweet with a delightfully juicy crunch. It's great in stir-fries and savoury dishes like steamed yam cakes (wu tow guo).


How to Make Namkeen (Salted) Lassi: Punjabi Yoghurt Drink

Cooling and refreshing Punjabi-style salty lassi (yoghurt) drink. Recipe video included.


Instant Tomato Dosa Recipe

Make crunchy and delicious instant tomato dosa and serve it hot with coconut chutney. This quick and easy dosa is perfect for an enjoyable weekend breakfast or brunch.


Doodh Soda (Milk Soda) Recipe

Doodh soda (milk soda) is a quick and refreshing summertime drink. Recipe video included.


Jamun Shots Recipe: Popular and Refreshing Summer Drink

Jamuns are Indian blackberries. Jamun shots are refreshing and healthy smoothie-like drinks with an amazing flavour. Recipe video included.


Vegetable and Oats Khichdi: A Quick and Healthy Meal

This is a delicious one-pot khichdi cooked with oats, vegetables and moong dal (split yellow lentils). It is packed with lots of nutrition.


Super Soft Dahi Vada Recipe

Prepare dahi vada with our tips and they will always turn out super soft. Recipe video included.


Cucumber Poha (Sautekai Avalakki) Kakdi Poha Recipe

Cucumber poha is a savory breakfast snack made with flattened rice (poha), herbs, coconut, and spices.


Kacche Aam Ka Sharbat (Green Mango Juice) Recipe

This sweet and sour, no-cook, raw mango drink is a delightful way to cool off the summer heat. Recipe video included.


Kuih Seri Muka Recipe (Malay Steamed Glutinous Rice With Palm Sugar Custard)

Kuih seri muka is one of my favorites traditional Malay desserts. Perfect with tea or coffee!


Nutritious and Yummy Palak Rolls (Spinach Rolls) Recipe

Palak rolls (spinach rolls) are nutritious snacks made with spinach, chickpea flour (besan), potato and paneer spicy filling, herbs, and spices. Mouthwateringly good!


Tandoori Arbi Tikka Masala Recipe (Smoked Taro Root Curry)

Tandoori flavoured smoked arbi tikka masala dish. Recipe video included.


Punjabi Meethi (Sweet) Lassi Recipe

Cooling and refreshing Punjabi lassi recipe for summer. Recipe video included.


Sattu Ka Sharbat Two Ways: Sweet and Salty Versions

Beat the summer heat with cooling and protein-rich sattu sharbat. Learn to make two different styles, sweet and salty. Recipe video included.


Healthy and Yummy Baked Pakoras (aka Bhajiyas or Fritters)

These crisp, baked onion pakoras are a yummy snack/appetizer for any occasion. Easy-to-follow recipe with photos.


Rose Thandai Recipe: Indian Summer and Festival Drink

Thandai is a popular Indian summer and festival drink. Recipe video included.


Aam Ki Launji (Raw Mango Relish) Recipe

Sweet and tangy aam ki launji, a raw mango relish prepared with a few basic spices and gur (jaggery). Recipe video included.


How to Make a Special Besan Cheela: Oat and Chickpea Savory Pancakes

Instant oats besan cheela is a delicious savory pancake made with oats, chickpea flour (besan), vegetables, and spices. This cheela is quick and easy to make.


Sabja (Basil Seed) Milkshake Recipe

Cooling, refreshing, healthy and delicious sabja milkshake with a very pleasing caramel flavour. Recipe video included.