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TLOG Mini Rice Cooker Review: What You Need to Know

The TLOG Mini Rice Cooker is a handy kitchen appliance that doesn't take up much counter space. However, it is expensive for its size. This is what you need to know before buying one.


5 Easy Quinoa Recipes From Breakfast to Dinner Plus FAQs

Learn how to incorporate superfood quinoa into your daily meals with these five easy, nutritious, and tasty recipes.


Tricolor Pasta Salad

A variety of ingredients makes this pasta salad amazing.


How to Boil Millet Rice

Learn the right way to boil any of the five Siridhanya millets to get perfectly fluffy, soft and non-sticky millet rice. Recipe video included.


Easy and Delicious Chicken Vegetable Pasta Recipe With Photo Guide

This chicken vegetable pasta is a tasty blend of Eastern and Western cuisines..


Macaroni With White Cheese Sauce: Easy Weeknight Meal

This cheesy macaroni pasta dish is quick, easy, and delicious.


Vegetarian Spaghetti Carbonara in Less Than 15 Minutes

A vegetarian take on a classic Italian dish.


Pasta Veggie Bake: Easy Make-Ahead Meal

This is a go-to easy weeknight meal. You can make it ahead and use whatever veggies you have on hand.


3 Best Mini Rice Cookers

Obtaining the right mini rice cooker enables you to make perfect rice every time without using up valuable counter or storage space. This article lists my three suggestions and explains my reasons and experiences.


Go With the Grain: How to Cook Every Whole Grain Plus Yummy Recipes

Let’s learn about eight types of whole grains—their history, how to cook them, and three great recipes for each one.


Cold Tuna Macaroni Salad With Homemade Genoa Dressing

This cold tuna macaroni salad is so easy to make, and it's very satisfying, too. You can easily adjust the ingredients and even the amounts. Use this recipe as a guide.


What Is Minnesota Wild Rice? (Hint: It's Not Rice)

The Ojibwe call it manoomin, which translates to "good berry," or the food that grows on water. Whatever you call Minnesota wild rice, it makes amazing chicken and wild rice soup.


Exploring Hominy: Origins, Recipes, and Tips

Hominy isn’t just corn with an attitude; it’s processed differently and gives us grits, masa, and so much more. Let’s learn its origins and how to use it in cooking and baking.


The Best Lasagna on Earth

This lasagna is not only the best I've ever had, but it's also the one that I've been making for years. I hope that you enjoy it as much and my family and I have!


My Kids' Favorite Vegetarian Meat Lasagna

This vegetarian lasagna is easy peasy and comes together in about an hour. My children love this and always say: "Mama, you did a great job." Isn't that what every parent wants to hear?


Filipino-Style Chicken and Ham Macaroni Salad

There are many variations of macaroni salad, but my favorite version comes from the Philippines. What makes this distinctly Filipino is that it's a little bit sweet. Give it a try!


How to Cook Perfect, Fluffy White Rice Every Time

Learn how to cook perfect, fluffy white rice every time. This method works for many types of rice, including basmati, jasmine, long-grain, and short-grain.


Easy, Creamy Baked Mac and Cheese

Mac and cheese is an all-time favorite in the culinary world of comfort foods. I created this recipe years ago. It saves you the time of making a béchamel sauce and the precise measurements and constant stirring that entails.


What Is Chinese Forbidden Black Rice? Plus 10 Raw Vegan Meal Ideas

What is forbidden black rice? And why is it called forbidden? This article will tell you everything you need to know about this type of rice. I'll also share 10 ways raw vegans and vegans can enjoy it!


Welsh Laverbread and Tomato Linguine

Wales meets Italy with this delicious vegan pasta dish.


How to Make Pasta Noodles From Scratch

Making homemade pasta has long been on my cooking bucket list. You'll be surprised to learn how easy it is to make pasta with just four ingredients. Let me show you how!


Exploring Lasagne: Facts, Folklore, and Fun Recipes

Let's take a look at some facts, folklore, and fun recipes for our favorite American-Italian pasta dish.


Easy Lunch Recipe: Mediterranean Couscous

Mediterranean couscous is a simple, plan-ahead meal that is my go-to for lunch! I work in a school, so I need something quick that I can eat in 30 minutes while simultaneously catching up on emails and writing reports. I love this recipe because it can be easily modified based on your preferences.


Perfect Chinese Fried Rice

Is your homemade fried rice as good as it could be, or is it a disappointing mushy mess? Learn how to perfect this popular Chinese dish.


The "No Recipe" Recipe for Cheesy Baked Pasta

Learn these 5 easy steps to make a cheesy pasta casserole without a recipe.


Green Noodles, or Noodles With Mint Paste

Green noodles is a spicy, delicious, and easy-to-prepare vegetarian noodle dish made with freshly ground mint paste and other ingredients. Perfect for a delicious dinner or packed lunch.


How to Cook Fluffy Basmati Rice the Easy Way

This simple recipe for cooking basmati rice will produce perfect, fluffy rice evey time. Serve alongside your favourite curry.


Uncle Terry’s Stuffed Shells With Cheese, Bacon, and Cream

This is a family recipe I love. It’s very indulgent and doesn’t use red sauce. It can be made vegetarian or not.


Easy Creamy Pasta With Baby Bella Mushrooms Recipe

Creamy pasta with mushrooms is a traditional Italian pasta dish. It's super easy to make, and it's perfect for your family dinner.


Easy Chicken and Broccoli Alfredo Sauce

Some weeks just don't go as smoothly as others, and our usual ability to plan our lives falls short. This is one of my main go-to recipes when I need something for dinner that's quick and easy. It is always a hit, my entire family loves it, and I'm sure yours will, too.


Cold Chicken Breast and Conchiglie Pasta Salad Recipe

Delicious, juicy and succulent baked chicken breast incorporated in a tasty salad with cooled conchiglie pasta, vegetables and balsamic herb dressing.


How to Sneak Vegetables Into Your Kid’s Spaghetti (With Recipe)

It is not always easy to get your kids to eat more vegetables and healthy foods. This recipe is a go to in my house to bring more flavor and nutrition to a household favorite.


How to up Your Pasta Game With Chicken and Spinach Spaghetti

Let me guide you through a very simple yet delicious pasta recipe that will bring joy to you and the hungry people around you.


Red Cabbage and Pasta Stir-Fry: Illustrated Recipe

This stir-fry is delicious, beautiful, and quick. Red cabbage works best, but any kind will do. The recipe contains bacon, but you can easily leave it out to make it vegetarian.


How to Make Perfect Penne all'Arrabbiata

Like many of the best Italian dishes, an authentic arrabbiata is extremely simple and requires only a few ingredients to make. But when all things are considered, can there be any doubt that penne all'arrabbiata truly is the king of all tomato pasta dishes?


Perfect Pasta Fagioli Recipe

Pasta fagioli is more than mere pasta and beans; it's rich "love in a dish" comfort food. Learn how to make the best in your own kitchen.


How to Cook Three-Ingredient Meaty Mac 'n' Cheese

Are you craving mac 'n' cheese? Enjoy an incredibly easy three-ingredient version of meaty mac 'n' cheese.


Instant Pot Lazy Lasagna Recipe

Who wants to spend two hours making lasagna? With this recipe, you can make a meal that tastes the same but can be made in a fraction of the time. Try "lazy lasagna" instead!


How to Cook Cheesy and Creamy Carbonara

Pasta is perfect for a snack, side dish, or main dish. Learn how to make a creamy and cheesy carbonara using my favorite local ingredient—Angel KremQueso.


Veggie Packed Pasta Salad Recipe

This recipe started with an idea and has become one of my favorite recipes. It's perfect for a snack, side dish, or even a main dish. The veggies can be switched up, but the dressing is just amazing no matter which veggies you choose. Sometimes the simple things are the tastiest!


Easy Veggie Fried Rice Without Eggs

This veggie fried rice is easy to throw together and has just a few ingredients. You can use it as a side dish or even a main dish. This recipe is egg free since we have allergies in our home, but you could easily adjust the recipe to include eggs.


Vodka Penne Pasta Recipe

Vodka Penne Pasta is a favorite family recipe from my Italian grandmother. It can be a main or side dish, and it incorporates vodka as an unusual ingredient. Serve as a meatless meal or with Italian sausage.


Exploring Whole Grains

Whole grains are not just another food fad. Research proves that they are nutritional dynamite and should be a part of your daily diet. Here's information on how to cook and make them the focus of your meal plan.


Exploring Risotto: History and How to Take It From Comfort Food to Classic Dining

Risotto is a Northern Italian rice dish. It began as a peasant meal but with a few additions can be changed to a spectacular, luxurious dinner. Let me share with you the origins of this wonderful, flavorful, adaptable dish.


Creamy Avocado Spaghetti

This creamy avocado spaghetti is just what you need for an easy, but delicious dinner! The avocado sauce is flavorful, and the veggies make the dish both pretty and tasty. The basil and lemon bring out really bright flavors in the sauce, making it a meal you'll definitely want to try!


Loving Leftovers: How to Use Up Leftover Rice

Is there anything more sad or uninviting than a cold bowl of rice? While it makes great stir-fry (I have 2 recipes here), there's even more that you can do. Let's explore.


Crock-Pot Three Cheese and Kale Manicotti

It's so easy to make stuffed manicotti in the Crock-Pot. Just prepare your filling, stuff the uncooked manicotti noodles, and cover in tomato sauce. You don't even have to boil the noodles first.


Glazed Vegetable Fried Rice

This delicious sweet and spicy glazed vegetable fried rice is a great budget-friendly vegetarian entree.


Pasta in Coconut Milk and Cream Sauce With Lardons and Seasonings

A delicious pasta recipe that is simple to make and boasts a heady mix of seasonings including shallots, garlic, olives and dried prunes.


Cheesy Meatballs and Pasta Recipe

A recipe of delicious, herby, cheese-filled meatballs served with tomato-based sauce with vegetables and your favorite pasta.