Party Snacks


How to Make an Alien Slime Drink (Inspired by "Toy Story")

Inspired by the Little Green Men in "Toy Story," I created this fun alien slime drink. Perfect for Halloween or any occasion!


Vodka Gummi Bears

This is an awesome recipe for vodka gummi bears for parties, events, and festivals. It's easy and inexpensive, and best of all, it's fun!


Peanut Butter Caramel Popcorn: Fun Party Snack Recipe

Popcorn drizzled with delicious peanut butter caramel makes for a delicious and easy snack. It's a great alternative to popcorn balls.


Apple Salad With Snickers and Milky Way Candy Bars

Apples, whipped cream, and candy bars. VoilĂ  . . . salad!


How to Make Mixed Vegetable Kebabs

Mixed vegetable kebabs are a delectable party appetizer that everyone will love. Not only are these kebabs delicious, but they are healthy as well. Best of all, they're easy to make.


The Easiest and Fastest Guacamole Ever

Looking for the best and easiest gluten-free party snacks? Then check out this 3-minute guacamole.


Minnesota Musing: Ranch Seasoned Pretzels Are the Bomb

We stopped at a neighbor's house to chat, and another neighbor got out a plastic bag out of homemade seasoned pretzels. I instantly fell in love and needed to share the recipe!


Appetizers: Spicy Potato Pinwheels or Samosa Pinwheels

As the name implies, these snacks are in the shape of pinwheels and are topped with a spicy potato stuffing. They are a pleasant twist on samosas. They can be served as a party snack or a finger food.


Mini Egg Rolls Recipe: A Party Favorite

If you're having company or just want to bring the takeout experience to your kitchen, these mini egg rolls are a perfect idea! Easy, fun and, most importantly, they're delicious.


Savory Party Mix Recipes

Party (Chex) mix is a popular, easy-to-make snack. Here are some new flavor ideas—perfect for your Super Bowl Sunday gathering.


How to Make a Watermelon Bassinet for a Baby Shower

There are so many simple things you can do to decorate for a party. Watermelon baskets top the list because they are fairly simple and always look good!


Healthy Party Appetizers

Are you looking for dinner party appetizers that are easy to prepare and healthy. too? These choices will be welcomed by your health-conscious guests.


Julio's Tortilla Chips Review

A review of the chips with a cult following, Julio's Corn Tortilla Chips. These chips are produced by Julio's Seasoning and Tortilla Chips, Inc. in Del Rio, Texas, and can be purchased outside of Texas through


Awesome Goth Food Party Ideas: Hot Nutella Sandwich & More

Unique goth food ideas for your dark side party (or Halloween), with a menu and a recipe for a hot Nutella Sandwich topped with hot, black fruits.


How to Make Sweet Trees

Do you want something a little different at your wedding or party? Sweet Trees are fun and effective and you can make them yourself. Add the sweets of your choice and decorate them however you like!


How to Make Pink Strawberry Popcorn Balls

Make colorful and delicious popcorn for under $5. This is a snack that everyone will have fun making and eating. Includes pictures and video.


Pirate Party Food and Recipes for Kids

Try these perfect pirate food recipes for your swashbuckling adventure. Pirate Ship Subs, Melon Cannonballs, and Pirate's Gold Snack Mix will make your pirate party a hit!


Firecracker Crackers Recipe and Other Cajun Party Food Ideas

If you like Cajun recipes and easy party food ideas, you'll love this recipe for firecrackers! Photos included.


How to Host a Tapas Party With Recipes and Menu Suggestions

Are you looking for a fun dinner party theme? Make your next party a Spanish-style tapas party. Here's everything you need to know to pull off an easy and casual dinner party.


How to Make Pickle and Dried Beef Roll-Ups

Pickle and dried beef roll-ups are a fabulous party appetizer! In our family, no party is complete without them.


15 Fast, Cheap, and Easy Dip Recipes for Your Next Party

Favorite fast and easy dip recipes for your next gathering. Velveeta Rotel dip, spinach dip, guacamole, hummus, spinach and artichoke dip, ranch dip, 7-layer dip, and more.


Crock-Pot Recipe: Cranberry Cocktail Meatballs

Looking for a great recipe for cocktail meatballs in the Crock-Pot? This recipe is a spin on the original grape jelly meatballs, but instead using cranberry sauce. It's delicious and incredibly easy.


How to Make Prawn Crackers at Home

Want prawn crackers that actually taste like prawns? Make your own! Here's how to do it.


4 Amazing Finger Foods That Are Perfect for a Kid's Party

Check out these healthy party snacks that are perfect for children--and healthier than the usual party fare.


How to Make Snowman Pretzel Rod Snacks

These snowman pretzel rod snacks are simple to make, and children will love the adorable snowmen for a winter treat!


How to Make Beer Cheese: A Kentucky Favorite

Beer cheese is a Kentucky favorite. It's delicious with everything from crackers to celery to burgers. In Kentucky, a party just ain't a party if you don't have beer cheese on the table!


7 Reasons to Eat Chips and Salsa

Everyone loves salsa! Here are seven reasons why you should incorporate some more salsa into your life.

This queso dip is easy to make in the microwave.

The Best Queso Dip Recipe Ever

Think all queso dip is created equally? Think again. Learn which two simple ingredients you can add to your cheese dip that will take it to a higher level and win rave reviews from everyone!


18 Sauces for Cocktail Meatballs, Weenies, and Sausages

Cocktail meatballs, weenies, and sausages are easy to make and quick to disappear! These recipes are great for parties and other gatherings.


Classic Chex Mix Recipe

Preparing for a party, tailgate or the holidays is easy with the Classic Chex Mix recipe. Combine pretzels, bagel chips, mixed nuts, chex cereal and a variety of seasonings for yummy Chex Mix!

The best buffalo chicken dip

The Best Buffalo Chicken Dip Recipe

Here are step-by-step instructions to make the best Buffalo chicken dip. This is an easy must-serve.